We practice an evidence-based therapy for individuals and families

DBT is the fastest growing therapeutic approach for a range of diagnoses. Unlike traditional therapies, it's skills based so you can track your progress through graduation.  

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Our team of Therapists have been trained by Behavioral Tech, the institute that founded the Dialectical Behavior Therapy approach. In addition, our team has been trained in related therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. On average our therapists have over ten years of work experience and the DBT Center of Marin has been serving the Bay Area since 2000. 


  • Individual & Comprehensive DBT Therapy

  • Individual & Comprehensive RO (Radically Open) DBT Therapy

  • Short- and Long-term Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, Life Stressors

  • Adolescent, Couples & Family Psychotherapy

  • Consultation and Counseling for Parents

  • Training & Consultation for Professionals and Organizations


“Dr. Smart is a deeply intelligent and compassionate professional and human being. I spent several years as her client and I attribute her with being the beacon which guided me through a very dark time.Her patient counsel and skillful understanding of DBT has been pivotal in helping me learn, quite simply, how to live; training and practicing distress tolerance and eventually being able to let go of life-long self-destructive behaviors.”

-DBT Center of Marin Client
“You folks are great - DBT has changed my life. Just last week, I recommended an acquaintance contact you about DBT.”

-DBT Center of Marin Client
“The DBT center of Marin provided a structure and methodology which delivered nothing short of a miracle. They quite possibly saved my daughters life. They provided tools for my daughter, my ex, and myself to accept, communicate, and heal. We now have our lives back and our daughter is happy and thriving again. A big thank you to David, Alicia, Shelly and the entire team!”

-DBT Center of Marin Client