Michael Vurek

Michael Vurek, LCSW (LCS 12882)

Michael a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who uses various forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with individuals and groups for adults who are experiencing difficulties living their lives with strong emotions or anxiety.  His clients may have diagnoses of depression, bipolar disorder, various anxiety disorders, as well as borderline or other personality disorders.  The approaches he uses are supported by basic behavioral science and are focused on increasing psychological flexibility and values-based actions.

Michael has hundreds of hours of training and consultation in Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Foundational Training 2009), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  Twice a year he offers 10-week groups based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  He has also learned to use the principles and techniques of other cognitive behavioral therapies such as Exposure and Response Prevention, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Depression.  He participates in a DBT Consultation Team with his colleagues at the DBT Center of Marin.

Michael graduated with a Masters in Social Work in 1980 and spent many years doing case management, program development, and administration mostly in the field of geriatrics.  He began his clinical work in CBT in 1993 and developed and provided outpatient CBT services at Ross Hospital until he went in to private practice in 1999.

“This one precious life is too short to spend it dominated by a reactive, looping and fearful mind. Through the practices taught and strengthened in DBT and related approaches we can make room for the pain of living this life while moving in directions that are vitalizing and meaningful to us."