Residential Programs

Clearview Women's Treatment Program  -  Located in Los Angeles, California, Clearview specializes in treating women with BPD. This center treats other disorders like PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders, but most women who are admitted have been diagnosed with BPD or have traits of BPD. 

 McLean Hospital - Located in Boston, Massachusetts, and ranked first among all free standing psychiatric hospitals, has two separate programs for women with BPD.

The Menninger Clinic - Located in Houston, Texas, offers inpatient treatment for men and women of two age groups - young adults (age 18 to 30), and adults (age 18 to mid 60's). These programs are highly monitored, so those patients who struggle with suicidal ideation, eating disorders, or other self-injury issues are watched over and cared for.

Silver Hill Hospital -  Located in New Canaan, Connecticut. Silver Hill has inpatient care for male and female adults and adolescents, a residential DBT program, a transitional living program, and an outpatient DBT program.