Self Compassion Skills

Self Compassion Skills Radical Acceptance of the Problem: Accept that something has happened that you don't like. Maybe you have made a mistake or not done something that you wanted or needed to do. Don't avoid thinking about what has happened.

Mindfulness of pain and self-criticism: Observe (just notice) and describe (just state the facts) your negative thoughts and painful feelings.

Refraining from negative self-judgement - Let go of native thoughts about yourself. If you notice that you have been beating yourself up, turn the mind toward willingness to try kindness.

Recognize your common humanity - Remind yourself that everyone has problems and failures. No human being gets everthing right; everyone has ways that they have failed or not gotten what they wanted or needed.

Rember that your problems and failures do not define you -There are a lot of things that are true about you. Problems and mistakes are only one part of the big picture.

Cultivate a feelign fo kindliness and care toward yourself - reach for a feeling of compassion toward yourself in the midst of your problems and pain.