Steve Melendy

Steve Melendy, PsyD, Psych Assistant (PSB 94020158)

“I believe that your history, personality, and life circumstances are entirely unique and deserve a singular respect, focus, and therapeutic plan. You have the right to be approached without judgment and with warmth, compassion, understanding, and openness.” 

Steve has over seven years of experience working with clients with a wide variety of issues using an array of techniques and approaches.  He specializes in working with clients that experience anxiety, social anxiety, depression, anger, and difficulty with self-esteem,  interpersonal relationships, and managing emotions. Although his primary approaches are CBT-based, he uses DBT, schema therapy, and mindfulness, as well as concepts and techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  While problem areas are a primary focus of the work, he believes a complete understanding of the client and achieving more positive results requires identifying client’s strengths and values and integrating them into the work.  He places a particular importance on fostering a collaborative, compassionate, non-judgmental working relationship because a strong relationship with the client is one of the most important factors that leads to positive results.

He has been trained at the Wright Institute in Berkeley where he has received a Master’s of Arts and is close to completing his doctorate degree.  During his education and training, he has been taught and supervised by highly skilled Bay Area clinicians, including Matthew McKay, PhD., Hanna Levenson, PhD., and Lisa Frankfort, PhD. He has experience working in a variety of settings, including the following:

The DBT Center of Marin, San Anselmo, CA; Northern California Pain Care Clinic, Terra Linda, CA; UCSF, Department of Psychiatry; Healthy San Francisco-Psychosocial Medicine Team at San Francisco General Hospital; Haight Ashbury Psychological Services, San Francisco, CA; The Wright Institute Clinic, Berkeley, CA; Berkeley Anxiety and Depression Clinic, Berkeley, CA

Steve is currently a registered psychological assistant being supervised by Dr. Alicia Smart at the DBT Center of Marin.

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