Carolina Grace

Carolina Grace, Psych Assistant

Carolina Grace was trained in DBT and worked as a DBT facilitator in an outpatient hospital in Denver, Colorado. She served as the crisis and addictions therapist at Naropa University’s Counseling Center. She has a BA in Psychology from Trinity College in Hartford, an MA in Counseling Psychology, with a specialty in Body Psychotherapy, and holds teaching credentials in Special Education and Regular Education from Dominican University in San Rafael. She was a family therapist in Oakland at Lincoln Family Center for families in the Juvenile Justice System.

Her scope of practice has included working with anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, and empowerment through the activation of one’s personal healing path and cultivating one’s unique gifts. She states, “DBT gives clients the skills to understand the link between thoughts, behaviors and emotions, and through mindfulness and a supportive therapeutic relationship, begins the noble act of creating the life they are here to live.”