Briana Aitkenhead

Briana Aitkenhead, Associate MFT (IMF29746)

Briana is a Canadian psychotherapist and has been working toward her California license since 2014. Briana graduated from Ottawa University with a master’s degree in Counseling and Spirituality in 2013. Briana completed her undergraduate degree with honors in Psychology from Carleton University, Canada's Capital University in 2011. Briana is a full-time school administrator at Fusion Academy, starting in 2014 and she enjoys the combination of education and therapeutic support.

Briana joined the DBT Center of Marin in March of 2018 and is loving the practical and experiential nature of DBT. Teaching the DBT skills in group and individually has been a natural progression in her training, as she loves actively working through life's complex issues with others. Through her work as a behavioral interventionist and therapist, Briana has developed great skills in working with many developmental and emotional needs. She has worked with children on the Autism Spectrum, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances and family issues such as divorce.

Briana enjoys working with families in a collaborative effort to improve relationships and help families feel more connected and at peace.