DBT as Frame: Assumptions

DBT as Frame: Assumptions about Clients 1.      Patients are doing the best they can.

2.      Patients want to have lives worth living.

3.      Patients need to do better and gain motivation to change

4.      Patients must learn new behaviors in all relevant contexts.

5.      Patients cannot fail in DBT.

6.      Patients may not have caused all their own problems but they have to solve them anyway.

7.      The lives of suicidal individuals are unbearable as they are currently being lived.

DBT as Frame: Assumptions about Therapy

1.     The most caring thing a therapist can do is to help patients change in ways that bring them closer to their own ultimate goals.

2.     Clarity, precision, and compassion are essential

3.     The therapeutic relationship is a real relationship between equals

4.     Principles of behavior are universal, affecting therapists and patients

5.     DBT therapists can fail.

6.     DBT can fail even when therapists do not.

7.     Therapists treating multi-problem patients need support.